My Story

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." - Amelia Earhart

I'm a Northwest based creative dedicated to the art of design. I create environments. I enjoy working closely with my clients, discovering their passions and showcasing their style. I find beauty in salvaged and reclaimed materials as they bring a sense of history, soul and wonderfully intriguing stories, adding depth to any project. I'm a walking contradiction, always pushing seemingly unrelated and obscure items together.

My move from the Midwest 20 years ago was fueled by the love of discovery, exploration and design. Attending the Art Institute of Seattle laid the groundwork for my design expedition, while experience and product knowledge was gained through design positions at established homebuilders, renowned furniture stores and showrooms. Inspiration abounds in the PNW and I've become addicted to that visceral moment when an adventure presents that perfect item, piece of art, or fabulous color combination for a client.

I believe Good Design Lives On. Good Design is flexible, functional and considers future generations while honoring the past. I am invested in the design and local art community. I enjoy attending industry events, art exhibits and puttering about through vintage stores. Luxury to me is being wrapped up in the latest design publication with a lovely glass of red wine and spending time with friends and family. Although exploring our beautiful corner of the country is an essential element to relaxing my mind and re-energizing my spirit.